A common future involves laying the foundation well as a couple and having honest conversations about each other’s money and how to manage it together to avoid potential problems and mistakes in the future.

So that all couples can resolve their doubts in the short, medium and long term, there are financial issues that couples should consider before getting married. Let’s see what they are before saying “yes”?

Disagree with the use of money

An important issue is financial matters that couples must consider. It is certain that couples organize themselves in a way. Some have a joint bank account, others share expenses.


But, in any case, the important thing is that the couple, before marriage, reach a consensus. If the couple does not make agreements regarding the use of money, it is very possible that this will negatively affect the union.

When we are single, only we decide on the paths of our financial life, but if we decide to live life with someone, that changes.

Lack of financial planning

Fatally, if the couple does not plan financially, this will undermine their marriage. As life for two presupposes shared expenses, nothing fairer than doing financial planning together as well. This includes the goals of each and the couple together.


Both people must know how much income comes in and how much expenses come out. Also, how much money will be allocated for basic bills, for leisure and others. It is also important to reserve an amount for emergencies, even if it is little.

This is also the moment to plan common goals: in the short, medium or long term. This is the way and one of the financial issues that couples should consider for financial organization and peace of mind in their life together.

Also, having resources to draw on in the future, in case you have to face difficulties.

Don’t talk about expenses or purchases

One of the most important financial issues couples must consider before getting married. Well, almost everyone has hidden a type of spending from someone else (for fear of criticism, in general).

But anyone thinking of getting married cannot have this behavior. Think that there is no reason to hide it, because our partner is a person we must trust.

Of course, even married people can have their own money and personal expenses. But, if the spending is impulsive, for example, or the couple is in financial difficulty, it is still best not to hide it. Communicate the partner, as a request for advice.

And if the expense was big, how will they solve it together? This is better than disagreements that affect the relationship. Transparency is a fundamental element for a happy relationship, okay?

Five steps to preparing for marriage and managing money

As the big day approaches, the finances begin.

Financial issues couples should consider before getting married… But, some steps will help you.

Create the budget for your big day together

It’s easy to overspend on the perfect wedding reception, but creating a careful budget together can help you get your new marriage started with finances.

Spending time planning your wedding budget together ensures that you and your partner are on the same page about “must-haves,” “add-ons,” and how much to spend in general. Use these simple bullet points to start the conversation:

– Is your dream party big or small?

– How much can they comfortably afford?

– Will the family help finance part of the celebration?

This helps to find the couple’s priorities and organize the budget.

Consider whether to gather your finances

One more of the financial issues that couples should consider before getting married.

How they choose to manage their spending can help them decide the best way to pool their money, if they so choose. This is a topic you should explore as a couple.

Consider purchasing life insurance for both of you

By sharing our life it is important that we protect ourselves and those we love, there are good life insurance options in South Africa that are affordable and do not compromise the couple’s budget.

Bank accounts

The couple can have a joint bank account for their expenses and each can have an individual bank account for personal expenses. It’s an excellent way to get financially organized in marriage and maintain individuality

Divide responsibilities

Life as a couple needs partnership and sharing responsibilities is also part of that. In the couple’s financial planning, separate expenses that will be paid in sets and other expenses that each one will be responsible for.

This is an important financial issue in marriage, so neither partner is overburdened with money.

Finally, talking about money or discussing financial issues cannot be a taboo between the couple. After all, running away from conversations won’t make bills or problems go away.

This dialogue must be done lightly, without accusations and trying to reach a middle ground. When there is a difference of opinion, it is even more important to talk about the financial issues of a marriage.

Financial crises are one of the main reasons for marriage problems and even divorces. This is true both in South Africa and worldwide, according to surveys.

So don’t let your relationship be part of these statistics, financial issues must be considered before two people get married. Live in peace with the person you chose!
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