For young people, managing finances could be tricky but they always find the right path. The current youth transition and learning about managing their economic resources is incredible, so their apps to move their money. Therefore, it is possible to make the most of technology by using finance apps to control their finance.

However, it is imperative to choose the right expense-tracking apps. For this reason, in the following article, we will discuss the 3 financial apps you need to control your finances.

1. 22seven

This is a popular financial app designed to control personal finances. One of the biggest advantages of this application is that it is free, so anyone can use it.


With users can link their bank accounts, cards, and investments in one place. Thanks to this, it becomes much simpler to keep everything synchronized.

Within the application, people can create personal and business profiles. In this sense, you can use the app to manage your personal finances or company finances. It is not a tool exclusively for bank customers, but for anyone.

Application features

  • Customized budgets: One of the most significant features of 22Seven is that it can generate budgets with information obtained from your expenses. The application analyzes your financial situation and uses intelligent algorithms. In this way, it distributes all your expenses into categories such as food, entertainment, transportation, and others.
  • Intelligent money management: Another significant feature of 22Seven is that it provides information on different investment options. It considers your financial profile and associated risks. Additionally, you can easily track your investments.
  • Achievement of financial goals: The application allows you to set financial goals for different timeframes. For example, you can define goals such as saving for a house, traveling, or paying off debts. In this case, the application shows you your spending habits and how to save to achieve the goal.

2. Wallet

On this list of the most effective financial apps for young people, we have Wallet By BudgetBakers. This free application allows you to manage your personal finances easily. It is also a great option for tracking all your expenses.


With Wallet, you can integrate and synchronize your bank accounts, credit cards, and other financial means. The income tracking function is very straightforward, so you don’t need to be an expert to use the application.

An additional aspect is that this app is available for any mobile device, which is an excellent advantage. Additionally, it offers detailed analysis and reports of your expenses, investments, and consumption.

App features

  • Informative blog: This feature is very helpful. In addition to being a financial control application, it has a blog where you can find information about managing your money. Finance tips are more useful than you think.
  • Customized budget: It provides tools to establish and track a personal budget, helping you control expenses and adjust cash flow. This is one of the reasons it is considered one of the leading financial applications.
  • Account integration: As mentioned before, with Wallet, you can integrate all your bank accounts into the application. Additionally, the app allows you to synchronize your credit cards and other sources of income.

3. Goodbudget

Goodbudget is also part of this list of financial applications for young people you should know about. One particularity of this application is that it establishes categories where you can allocate a certain amount of money to each section. The “envelope” feature allows you to know how much money you need in each case.

From this, it becomes much simpler to manage your expenses responsibly. If you want to use money for a specific purpose, you need to take it out of the envelope, which is a vital decision.

Currently, there are two versions of this application. The first is free, and the second requires a subscription fee.

App features

Informative tools: In addition to helping you with expense control, you have resources like blogs and useful podcasts to manage your finances.

Chat: This is an uncommon feature among other financial applications. In this case, you have access to chat to converse with other users. This is an excellent resource for exchanging financial health advice and recommendations.

Analysis and tracking: Goodbudget offers reports and graphs to evaluate your financial progress. You can see your expenses by category, track your savings, and analyze your spending patterns over time. These analyses will help you identify areas to improve and adjust your budget as needed.”

Why use these apps?

There are many reasons why financial applications are advisable. Firstly, these are secure and reliable to use. Feel safe to control your expenses, income, and savings. As you saw before, there are applications that help you categorize different financial needs.

Financial applications have accessibility. These types of applications are available for mobile devices, which means you can access them whenever you need them. Additionally, many applications allow you to synchronize your bank accounts and cards for increased control.

On the other hand, financial applications offer secure services where your data is protected. Finally, they provide convenience, are easy to use, and are mostly free.

We hope this information has been very useful to you.

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