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Spotmoney Card



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No transaction fees: Customers will not pay any fees when using the card

Instant notifications: Customers will receive instant notifications for each purchase made with the card.

Efficient and secure online purchases: Both physical and virtual card transactions are secure and efficient.

Accepted worldwide: The card is accepted worldwide, and there are no fees for international transactions.


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Spotmoney is the card belonging to the electronic bank Spot Money that anyone can obtain without many requirements, allowing access to the banking world for many people who didn’t have it before.

Many people around the world don’t have access to the services of a bank or any other banking institution. With the Spotmoney card, those individuals can access an account and a debit card that will allow them to use their money in the best way possible.

Obtaining this card is very easy; you just need to download the Spot app and request it from there. This is perfect for those who don’t meet the requirements that many traditional banks ask for.

Experience borderless banking with Spotmoney Card – your gateway to global financial freedom!

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Spotmoney is a South African digital bank whose mission is to make banking processes much simpler and allow people to apply for banking products without the need for excessive documentation and requirements.

This bank not only offers cards but also wants its customers to have access to loans, money transfers, and cards with advanced security technologies that enable them to make purchases without any risks.

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