Elevate your business with the FNB Petro Business Credit Card, a financial ally crafted for success. Issued by First National Bank (FNB), this card blends tailored benefits, competitive rates, and streamlined expense management, offering a strategic advantage in the dynamic world of business.

From flexible spending limits to industry-exclusive rewards, the FNB Petro Business Credit Card empowers you to navigate financial landscapes with confidence.

Experience the convenience of detailed transaction insights and a user-friendly online platform, making financial control a seamless part of your operations. Ignite growth, seize opportunities, and thrive – the FNB Petro Business Credit Card is your key to unlocking new heights in business prosperity.


Benefits and advantages of the FNB Petro Business Credit Card

The FNB Petro Business Credit Card delivers a suite of advantages tailored to enhance your business prowess.

  • Enjoy the flexibility of customizable spending limits, empowering you to manage expenses effectively.
  • Benefit from competitive interest rates, ensuring cost-effectiveness in your financial transactions.
  • Access exclusive industry rewards that amplify your business potential, distinguishing you in the petroleum sector.
  • The card simplifies expense tracking with detailed transaction insights, providing a transparent overview of your financial activity.
  • FNB’s user-friendly online platform streamlines account management, facilitating effortless control over your finances.

Trust in the reliability of First National Bank, a pioneer in innovative banking solutions, ensuring your financial success. With the FNB Petro Business Credit Card, unlock growth, streamline operations, and propel your business toward unprecedented success.

How to apply for the FNB Petro Business Credit Card

To apply for the FNB Petro Business Credit Card in South Africa, follow a straightforward process. Visit the official FNB website, navigate to the credit card section, and select the Petro Business Credit Card. Fill out the online application form with your business details, financial information, and required documentation.


Review the terms and conditions, ensuring all information is accurate. Submit your application, and FNB will process it efficiently. Expect timely communication on the status of your application. It’s that simple – take the first step to empower your business with the FNB Petro Business Credit Card today.

Requirements to apply for the FNB Petro Business Credit Card

  • A Business Account with FNB
  • Copies of identity documents for all cardholders
  • Depending on the legal entity, further documentation may be required

About the bank

The FNB Petro Business Credit Card is a financial solution issued by First National Bank (FNB), an esteemed institution known for its pioneering role in banking innovation. With a rich legacy and commitment to customer-centric services, FNB stands as a trusted partner for businesses seeking financial empowerment.

FNB’s expertise spans decades, demonstrating a progressive approach to meet evolving market demands. As a cornerstone of reliability and progress in the financial sector, FNB is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that align with the specific needs of businesses, exemplified by the FNB Petro Business Credit Card—a strategic tool designed to fuel success and foster sustained growth in the dynamic business landscape.

Costs and fees of the FNB Petro Business Credit Card

  • Interest is 14% per annum
  • No transaction fees on purchases
  • Free lost card protection

Who is this card for?

The FNB Petro Business Credit Card is ideal for businesses in the petroleum industry seeking a strategic financial ally. Tailored benefits, such as customizable spending limits, cater to the unique needs of this sector.

Competitive interest rates ensure cost-effectiveness in transactions, while industry-exclusive rewards distinguish businesses within the petroleum landscape. The card simplifies expense tracking and offers detailed transaction insights, providing transparency for better financial control.

FNB’s user-friendly online platform facilitates seamless account management, streamlining operations for enhanced efficiency. Whether a small enterprise or a thriving corporation, the FNB Petro Business Credit Card is recommended for those aiming to navigate the complexities of the petroleum industry with financial agility and advantage.

Is the FNB Petro Business card worth it?

Absolutely. The FNB Petro Business Credit Card is worth applying for, especially if your business operates in the petroleum sector. Tailored benefits, competitive interest rates, and industry-exclusive rewards offer a strategic advantage.

The customizable spending limits and streamlined expense management enhance financial control. FNB’s reputable legacy in banking ensures reliability, making it a trusted partner for business growth.

With a user-friendly online platform for seamless account management, this card is a valuable tool to propel your business forward, providing not only convenience but also the potential for significant cost savings and exclusive rewards in the dynamic landscape of the petroleum industry.

Customer Support

  • If you would like to hear more about Business Banking, call 087 7 362 247 or email [email protected]
  • For after hours assistance with your credit card, contact the 24-hour FNB Business Credit Card Call Centre on 087 575 1122
  • You can also contact Premier Banking by clicking on the “Contact my Banker” button when logged on to FNB Online and to the FNB App.

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