The Diners Club Shari’ah Charge Card offers a blend of luxury, convenience, and adherence to Islamic finance principles. This exclusive card is designed for those who prioritize ethical financial management while enjoying premium benefits.

With global acceptance, it opens doors to a world of privileges, including airport lounge access, travel insurance, and exclusive discounts at select merchants. The card ensures that all transactions comply with Shari’ah guidelines, providing peace of mind for Muslim consumers.

Whether for business or leisure, the Diners Club Shari’ah Charge Card enhances your financial experience with top-tier services and unparalleled customer support, making it an excellent choice for the modern, ethically-minded individual.


Benefits and advantages of the Diners Club Shari’ah Charge card


  • Global Acceptance: Use your card at millions of merchants worldwide.
  • Travel Services: Enjoy end-to-end travel booking assistance.
  • Airport Lounges: Relax in over 1300 airport lounges while you wait for your flight.


  • Reward Programs: Earn points on your purchases redeemable for travel, merchandise, and more (details may vary by issuer).


  • Peace of Mind: Avoid interest charges, adhering to Islamic financing principles.

Additional Advantages:

Convenience: Contactless payments and digital statements for a smooth experience.
Security: 24/7 customer service and fraud protection for peace of mind.

How to apply for the Diners Club Shari’ah Charge card

Applying for the Diners Club Shari’ah Charge Card in South Africa is straightforward. First, visit your preferred issuing bank’s website or branch. They’ll likely have an online application form or process you can follow. Prepare your financial documents and identification beforehand to expedite the process.

Once submitted, the bank will review your application and contact you with a decision. The approval time can vary, so be sure to inquire with the bank for their estimated timeframe.

Requirements to apply for the Diners Club Shari’ah Charge card

  • Financial Eligibility: A good credit score and sufficient income to meet the card’s spending limit are typically required.
  • Residency: You must be a South African resident.
  • Identification: Valid South African ID or passport.
  • Income Verification: Proof of income documents like payslips or bank statements.
  • Banking Information: Details of your South African bank account for billing purposes.

About the bank

The Diners Club Shari’ah Charge Card is issued by Standard Bank, a distinguished financial institution known for its commitment to innovation, excellence, and ethical banking. Standard Bank has a strong presence in the financial sector, offering a variety of products and services, including those that comply with Shari’ah principles. This ensures that Muslim customers can manage their finances in accordance with their faith.

Standard Bank is recognized for its advanced digital banking platform, which provides secure and easy access to banking services anytime, anywhere. The bank’s extensive network of branches and ATMs, along with its dedicated multilingual support team, ensures comprehensive assistance for all customers.

Standard Bank’s focus on corporate social responsibility and sustainable banking practices highlights its dedication to positively impacting the communities it serves. By issuing the Diners Club Shari’ah Charge Card, Standard Bank continues to provide innovative, ethical, and customer-focused financial solutions.

Costs and fees of the Diners Club Shari’ah Charge card

While the Diners Club Shari’ah Card avoids interest charges, there are other fees to consider:

  • Annual Fee: An annual fee is likely charged to maintain your card membership.
  • Transaction Fees: Certain transactions, like foreign currency conversions, may incur additional fees.
  • Cash Advance Fees: Fees may apply if you withdraw cash using your card.
  • Late Payment Fees: Penalties are possible for late or missed payments.

Finding Fee Details:

  • Issuer Banks: The specific fees will be determined by the bank issuing your card. Check their website or contact them directly for a complete fee schedule.
  • Diners Club Website: The Diners Club South Africa website ( may offer general information on fees, but it’s best to confirm details with your bank.

Who is this card for?

The Diners Club Shari’ah Charge Card caters to a specific audience: South African residents who follow Islamic finance principles and seek a credit card solution that adheres to Shariah law. This means the card avoids interest charges, which can be seen as usury and go against religious beliefs.

Beyond Shariah-compliance, the card offers benefits like travel perks and rewards programs, making it attractive to frequent travelers or those who enjoy accumulating points for future redemptions. However, it’s important to consider the annual fee and potential transaction fees to ensure it aligns with your spending habits.

Overall, this card is ideal for Shariah-compliant South Africans who prioritize travel benefits, reward programs, and avoiding interest charges, while understanding the potential for other fees associated with the card.

Positive and negative points of the card

The Diners Club Shari’ah Charge Card presents a unique option for Shariah-compliant South Africans. On the positive side, it eliminates the concern of accruing interest charges, which can be a major advantage for those adhering to Islamic finance principles.

Additionally, the card boasts worldwide acceptance, travel perks like airport lounge access, and potential reward programs for frequent spenders.

However, the lack of interest charges comes with a caveat: annual fees. These fees can vary depending on the issuing bank, but they can potentially outweigh any rewards earned, especially for low spenders.

Furthermore, while the card avoids traditional interest, it’s important to remember on-time payments are crucial. Late payment penalties can be significant and negate any potential benefits.

Another consideration is the potential for transaction fees. Foreign currency conversions and cash advances might incur extra charges, adding to the overall cost of using the card. Understanding these fees and how they apply to your spending habits is essential.

Finally, while the card offers travel benefits, they might not be as extensive as some travel-specific reward cards. For frequent flyers, it’s wise to compare the Diners Club program with other options to see which offers the most relevant perks.

Is the Diners Club Shari’ah Charge card worth it?


  • Shariah-compliant: Avoids interest charges, aligning with Islamic finance principles.
  • Global acceptance: Use it worldwide for convenient spending.
  • Travel perks: Enjoy airport lounge access and travel assistance (benefits may vary).
  • Rewards potential: Earn points for future redemptions (details depend on issuer).


  • Annual fees: Can outweigh rewards earned, especially for low spenders.
  • Transaction fees: Foreign currency conversions and cash advances might incur extra charges.
  • Limited rewards: Travel benefits might be less extensive compared to dedicated travel cards.

The Verdict:

If Shariah-compliance is crucial and you value travel perks, it could be a good fit. However, weigh the annual and potential transaction fees against your spending habits. Consider alternative travel cards if extensive rewards are a priority. Ultimately, research and compare options to find the card that best suits your financial goals and lifestyle.

Customer Support

Diners Club International offers a global customer service line at 1-800-2-DINERS (1-800-234-6377) for general card inquiries, though reaching your local representative might be faster.

The phone number for Standard Bank customer service depends on your reason for contacting them and whether you’re calling from within South Africa:

General Inquiries & Cellphone Banking: Call 0860 123 000 (South Africa only).
International Banking: Call +27 11 299 4701.
Complaints: Call 0860 101 101 (South Africa only).


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